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Q. Can we buy something not listed on  site?
A. Yes, name it and we’ll buy it for you.


Q. Can we buy something not listed on  site?
A. Yes, name it and we’ll buy it for you.


  1. Do you have stock?
    A. No, we are not retailer. We don’t have stock and will need days to gather products.

    Q. Which courier?
    A. We mainly use Fedex/DHL/HKpost, depends on shipping countries, items and their rates.

    Q. Why charge a lot for my light parcel?
    A. Apart from weight, volume also matters. Google “Volumetric Weight”

    Q. Is there a tracking for my parcel?
    A. Yes we use service with tracking so we can both monitor the status

    Q. Can we send gadgets with lithium battery
    A. No for HKpost, Likely Yes for couriers. please check out the

    Q. Do you work 24/7?
    A. We have very limited hands. If you think we miss you message, don’t hesitate and mail us

    Q. Can you send a gift to my friends/family in Hong Kong?
    A. Yes, definitely.

    Q. Can you add extra wrapping for my fragile items?
    A. Yes, we will add protection and repack it.

    Q. What items can’t be sent
    A. Kindly check regulations for your country. We can only advise a general list of items

    Q. Why charge me “site visit”
    A. If the product is not easily accessible or far from us, we will need extra fee

    Q. Can you pick up something I buy in Carousell and send to me?
    A. Yes

    Q. Can we buy from different stores, gather and send out all at once?
    A. Yes, we can consolidate your order. If too much there may have a extra packaging fee. Please go to “further instruction” for more details.

    Q. What if you are not able to buy the items eventually
    A. You may get full refund (Unless specified in advance)

    Q. Can you send by sea?
    A. Yes, ask for a sea price at “Further Instructions”

    Q. Can you buy from wholesaler for better price
    A. It depends, only if regular and bulk order

    Q. Shipping is so expensive?
    A. First kg is the most expensive. It will be relatively cheaper to buy more at once

    Q. How to calculate volumetric weight
    A. L x W x H (cm) / 5000 = volumetric weight (kg)

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